Wednesday, February 17, 2010

About Dehotshop

Welcome to our new website!  Previously addressed and now we have owned a website to able u to surf our site much faster.  We perform business or shop online which was founded in 2008.   Again, although still very new in this field, we promising the best service for you and hope you could surf our online store easily. Don't feel hesitate of spending online with us since we carry out honest and trust business.  No hidden cost or anything that could lead to your frustration while dealing with us.  We are registered with SSM bearing registration number 001691956-K. Hope you could spare your leisure time and do online shopping with us without any doubt.

We provided woman cloths and stuff such as Baju Kurung , Baju Muslimah, Jubah , Maxi Dress , Kaftan ,Kebaya , Blouse ,Legging , Cardigan , Handbags ,Perfumes and Beauty Product  all online. Everything on your your parking , save your petrol and save your time.

Happy Shopping online.........

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july iskandar said...

tlong buka inbox fb kamu....saya mahu tahu no traking barang saya yang di kirim hari isnin...

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